An everyday girl

No, I am not going to introduce myself or try to display how different I am than the rest of you. I think the title is self-explanatory. I am, like all of you, a very normal human being, an every day girl. The only difference might be that I am quite comfortable to talk about my life. Every aspect of it. Maybe because I have stopped taking it seriously, or maybe because I have begun to take my life too seriously? I don’t know. Yes, I have also started using these three super annoying words very often. I mean, let’s face it, half the times we use ‘I don’t know’ just to buy more time to think or make stuff up to come up with a well tailored answer. The other times, we use it to beautifully lie about something that we very much know about. “Hey, you know her boyfriend is cheating on her with another girl?”, “Oh really? I don’t know.” Haha. Yeah missy, why wouldn’t you know.

Relatable yet? No? Let me tell you a few more instances then. Have you ever experienced a feeling wherein you tend to have mood swings every minute? Yes, literally EVERY MINUTE. You’re talking to your parents one minute, you have paused your favourite show on Netflix and desperately want to get back to it. So you cut short your talk. But the very next minute after hanging up on your parents and getting back to Netflix, you see a scene where a mother and daughter are fighting about something. You pause, you cry a little, you regret, but its too late to call your mom now, your ego pulls you back. And you go back to watching the show and the cycle repeats. What is this thing? Are we really so damn influenced by our surroundings(both real and virtual)? Have we become so shallow that we now need movies and advertisements to awaken emotions within ourselves? My other half says, that in a world so fucked up, at least a K3G or an emotional life insurance ad still reminds me of my roots. Knowing my other half, I would be far away from everyone, not in my senses, waking up at a new place every morning, forgotten my roots long ago. I might have even adopted a new name every day. Well, can’t argue with her. Do you now feel that I am an every day girl, somewhat if not very much like you?

If you are still here reading this, I think you deserve an introduction. I am a 27 year old girl, an engineer, an MBA grad, working in a corporate job in Mumbai. Life has been good to me so far on the professional front. On the personal front, well, I’d say I like drama. Lots of it. So I make sure I add a lot of it to my life even if it is going on wonderfully and absolutely smoothly. You see, I tend to get bored too soon. Or at least that’s what I think.

I hope this introductory article did not come out as too bold or shattering. Well, even if it has, I guess that’s me!

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