Are you planning any new year resolution?

More than half of all our resolutions fail but we still plan some for our new year. The reason why most of our new year resolution fails is that maybe they are not right or it is not the right time for them. There could be a reason for our new year resolution failure:

  •           Not a realistic resolution
  •           Too vogue to match our day to day life
  •           Based on social parameters and status

One thing which is very important for our new year resolution is it should be personal. We should plan our resolution to improve ourselves not our picture in society.

These are the parameter you should keep in mind to plan an achievable new year resolution.

  • Time-bound

Sixty percent of new year resolution fail because there is no time limit attached. There should be enough time given to a resolution to complete it. Focus on each small victory towards your goal. Divide your resolution in time frames and achieve these sub-goals.


  • Realistic

You can have big goals and resolutions but wait.. that should be realistic for sure. You cannot plan to be a prime minister coming year without even being a part of politics till now.

Plan something which can be achieved. Any achievement small or big gives confidence.


  • Specific

Any goal short term, mid term or long term should be specific and very much clear. Taking a resolution that you want to learn new things isn’t enough.

What new things do you want to learn this year, this quarter or this month? Break them in small bricks and achieve them.

  • Relevant

Is this new year resolution improving you in a way or another?

Have you taken this resolution for yourself?

I have seen people taking resolution for their favorite actors and actress which isn’t relevant to them in any case.

Build up a strategy for yourself thinking what is good and better for you. Develop a sense of self-love within and plan a good resolution for yourself.


Happy New Year to all

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