Australia’s Early Reverse Swing bowled Smith & Warner

Early reverse swing to Australian bowlers has reversed the career of Australian captain Steve Smith along with David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. Moreover, Australia’s Ball Tampering scandal has left the entire cricket world shaken.

Let’s explain the term Ball Tampering, in terms of cricket an unlawful alteration to the surface of the ball on the field to affect its motion when bowled. Due to which chances of making ball’s movement increase that may lead to OUT batsman. In this case vice-captain David Warner has found to be the mastermind behind the plan and Cameron Bancroft executed the plan very well while Steve Smith as being the captain of the team was very well known about the plan.

Accordingly, Smith and Warner banned for 12 months from all international and domestic cricket as well as out from IPL 2018 while Cameron Bancroft banned for nine months for execution of the Ball Tampering plan. Although banning players from all formats for one year may be a fair judgment for future perspective for the game but tearful eyes apologizing for such activity at least deserves some mercy that may be in terms of reducing the duration of the ban.

This also leads to the breakdown and also they will not be able to play the upcoming world cup. Ball tampering is nothing but a shameless act of shaming the aura of cricket.

A hard time to face

Consequently, it is indeed what the Australian Board did to the players. Being a supporter of cricket I wish to watch David Warner again hitting six for his national team. Although we all know it’s an emotional moment to watch such instances in the cricket world. But, we should appreciate the toughest decision of Australian Board to ban the top players of their national team without any second thought about the future of their team.


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