hello everyone, may you have a good day ! today i will discuss about what drives you to become a successful person and what is really IMPORTANT to achieve  something you want. firstly be yourself no matter what, it doesn’t matter what drives you it can be 1. your motivation 2. your family condition 3. your passion  4. even hatred like you hate someone so much that you want to become more successful then him/her. BUT just be sure you dont take any illegal actions otherwise this society will kill you for sure. just dont ever do this things forced to work 2. laziness 3.not planning ahead .  just work hard ,earn good, do good and be FREEE! be independent and live like a real human beacus ein this era of pubg and tik-tok there are some people who dont have a rich father . just do it and never give up    Not for family   Not for friend BUT For …. YOURSELF.  i  will repeat again no matter what drives you just become successful person and get free after all MADNESS AND COURAGE ARE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN . i hope you like it this is my first article please share your opinion…

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