coffee is my most favorite drink. every day morning i wake up at 5 O clock. In that cool morning, I prefer to drink coffee in one small cafe which is very near to my house. I am very close to the cafe owner. Daily it is happening in my life but one day something happened. That something is Roja… Roja is not a flower, beautiful lady like Roja flower.

one cool morning I sat on the bench and deeply studying paper and drinking coffee. suddenly my nose got good smell of perfume. slowly  I saw straight. One girl was very busy giving tokens to people who purchased coffee to drink. she was a cafe owner daughter. looking very beautiful. suddenly my heart is beating with AR Rehman music…i can’t wait for more time, suddenly I went to near her and said I LOVE YOU. She shocked with my words and strange at me with lot of angry. I gave one smile and came out.

1 year later ………………………………….. She is with me as my wife.

Actually it is possible very easily because she was in love with me past 10 months. On that day owner health is not good. That’s why she came to the cafe. I did n’t know about all these matters. Luckily she accepted my proposal within a short period. she knew everything about me before saying yes. But as per my thoughts, I would imagine like a HERO.  Finally, she reveals that she was my junior in college.

Now I knew that I am not a HERO, I am a customer to her lifelong. But Coffee is free now.

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