Countries that offers quick and easy Tourists Visas

We all face the problem of no travel history when anyone have the new passport. The question arises now, what is travel history? Travel History is the record or proof that shows how frequently someone travel the world or a particular country on his passport. It plays a very important role in applying visas for travel or work. Let’s discuss some economical countries which give you quick tourist’s visa which helps you to make a good travel history base on them.


The first country is Nepal. Nepal is the neighbouring country of India and its acts as a cheap and best option for a travel history. The second one is Vietnam, another best Asian country to explore. E-visa and Visa on arrival will also available here. Laos, the South Asian country, best for the new travelers to visits here. The next country in the lists is Egypt. Those who are interested in historical monuments and palaces, must visits this country. And in the last, Indonesia, a very popular among the visitors.  The


These are the handful countries which offers a quicks and best tourist visas to the new visitors. Those who are willing to travel to developed countries but hesitate to apply visas as they don’t have any travel history. These countries will be a boom for them. Go and explore them


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