Decluttering your space.

Recently I read a book by Japanese author Marie Kondo ‘The life-changing magic of tidying’. It is such an amazing book that  I want to share some of my ideas about decluttering our space.

Actually, today’s young generation has started believing in minimalism. They don’t want to buy anything which they are not going to use. Marei Kondo believes that decluttering your space brings numerous joy and happiness. It can also bring an emotional benefit. There are two reasons for making your life simple and organized in a minimalistic way.  One, people who are living in a rented place will not be investing in many furniture or unnecessary things. Two, nowadays you get small apartments which also give space constraint. So you have to think before collecting unnecessary things for your home.

Decluttering our life can become a tremendous learning curve. When we hold on to the things which we don’t anymore use or need, we are wasting our time, space, efforts and, money. Spending mindlessly on the expensive thing may actually make us unhappy after some time. Having fewer items in the home is easy to maintain and we can do our household work ourselves instead of depending on a maid. These days servants come very expensively. Here we have to make a choice because throwing away the things can be addictive. Decide wisely and rationally the things you want to throw and the things you want to keep.

We have a habit of cleaning and scrubbing our homes when we expect guests. This is because we never give importance to organized living in day to day life. We need to simplify our home to make it functional and also aesthetically pleasing.

Most parents complain that when there are small children in the house it tends to become cluttered. They buy toys and clothes which the child may outgrow very soon. Most of the working mothers buy things out of obligation or guilt.

Start decluttering with your wardrobe. Take time to do the cleanup. You should be ready emotionally and mentally. Without giving a second thought throw away or donate the clothes you don’t wear or don’t like. There are many people who need clothing and this is the best way you can do some charity.

We also hold on to things because of some sentimental values. Decluttering makes one more productive and keeps one focus on what matters. Decluttering must be a lifestyle change for it to work. Similarly holding on to relationships that don’t bring joy and happiness should be removed from our lives otherwise it will only weigh us down.

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