*Done at Glancing Rainbows?Ever noticed,Storms are beautiful too?*

“A cup of hot tea and a profound book for company, what else can a bibliophile ask for? Rains, maybe?”

I have been sitting in the balcony since a little while, hooked on “The fault in our stars”, a book I love dearly. My heart skips a beat as I come closer to the page where Augustus Waters, my favorite protagonist gets lost in oblivion. I know it’s going to break my heart the umpteenth time. Nevermind, I truly believe in the words of Augustus Waters; “it’s a privilege to get my heartbroken by you”. I witness his painfully beautiful death yet again. Irony at its best, isn’t it? Can death be beautiful? It indeed can, if you get to make memories of a lifetime within a numbered days. This is what Augustus Waters says. And, I love him a little too much not to believe him. Okay. Don’t give me that look. I know he is fictional but, that doesn’t belittle my love for him.

I am still grieving the loss of my favorite fictional character, when the rain starts pouring down. Maybe the melancholy of my heart reached the sky and it sent rain to give me solace. I keep the book aside and try to witness the serenity around. I see people enjoying the mild rain shower. Few children are busy weaving their dreams while they sail their beautifully carved paper boats. A look towards the sky and I can see a rainbow too. A colorful streak in the otherwise blue sky. A beautiful sight to behold! The nature seems to be inducing colors in its canvas. But, I guess I was wrong. The natures looks in a mood of painting it all black. The mild shower is transforming into heavy rain. The clouds can be seen ushering the storms. I am still in awe of the nature. However, things seem to be different all around. The sounds of the abrupt shut down of doors and windows is quite audible. Children are rushing inside. The roads suddenly seem deserted. The paper boats are drowning as if dying a slow death.

It’s sad yet overwhelming. We embrace the rainbow but, a bandon the storm. We love the rain but, despise the thunder. I smirk at the convenient adaptation of people. Why happiness is necessary all the time? Why can’t sadness be embraced profoundly? Why can’t we value storms as much as we love rainbow? If rainbow makes you smile, storms make you stronger. Why not value them equally? Neither you can be happy always, nor sad. So, why not honor them both?

The thundering hasn’t stopped yet. The rain seems on a marathon. I find a certain kind of melancholy in the way rain falls during storms. There’s no one to adore the otherwise loved rain. Nevertheless, I stand right here in my balcony while the storm drenches me completely. My eyes are closed but, I can feel it quenching my soul as it mends my broken heart, one moment at a time. And, all I can do is smile, smile and smile some more.

“A cup of hot tea and a profound book for company, what else can a bibliophile ask for? storms, maybe?”


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