Exam Stress- How to Make it Healthy and Normal.

New Year bringing gaiety and happiness, also brings exam stress. Most of the boards start their preliminary board exams in the month of January. (Std X and XII). With children, even the parents become tensed and a kind of gloom takes over the entire family. Actually, this is the time when everyone needs a calm and peaceful environment. We can turn this stressful condition into a healthy and normal routine. Here are some suggestions.

1- Be aware of your child’s exam schedule- Do not wait for your son or daughter to come and inform you about their exams. Take a print out of their of their time-table and syllabus and stick it up where you can easily keep track of it. ( Nowadays at the beginning of the year, June itself the time-table and syllabus are published online). These days both the parents are working in most of the houses and are very busy. The advanced planning will reduce the stress to both, parents and children. This will also help the parents to apply for a leave from the workplace to be with their child.

2- Avoid arguments- How much ever tensed and anxious you may be, avoid any kind of arguments over a trivial matter. The children need to focus on their studies. During exams, the whole family has to come together and make sure that the entire energies are devoted to only exams.

3- Avoid burdening the children with YOUR stress- As a parent probably you are more stressed out than your child. If you want to vent out your woes talk to your spouse or friend. As it is, the children are a nervous wreck, so don’t show any kind of negative feelings to them. The peaceful home environment plays a very important role in boosting the self-confidence of the child.

4- Cook healthy and nutritious food- This is one of the most important aspects of your schedules. Make the child understand the importance of healthy eating. No junk food, n fried items, no fast food in their diet. Give more fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and lentils. Instead of tinned fruit juices, give fresh fruit juice. The body needs the energy to withstand the hard work needed for studies.

5- Keep the children manage their stress- Even the cleverest student feel jittery about exams. Help the child to relax. Ask the child to do meditation and light exercises. Take a walk in the open air which will make the child rejuvenated.

6- Study time- Some children are comfortable studying at night. Allow them. See to it that he/’she takes enough sleep during daytime. If there is not sufficient sleep they may not function well.

7- Don’t be a paste- The children who are writing X and XII board exams are quite mature. If they want to relax by watching a movie or TV, let them do it. They know their responsibilities. Learn to have faith in them. Don’t irritate them with advice, suggestions or unnecessary rebukes.

Most of all, every parent should instill confidence in the children. Make them understand that exams are part of life. Make them strong so that they are ready to face the challenges of life without fear.


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