feeling of rapture without an external push

When asked to end the torment of inflicting opinions regarding weight loss, HE stopped without any disavow. Instead initialized impinging parables of starving women who are cringing for a slender shape.

Why must physical attributes chasten us in a deteriorating way? Couldn’t we just feel oblivious for the fact that we are alive and breathing?

Yet the skin show on Instagram and magazines babble about beauty as if it is anointed! This factually hinders in the young girls to which they run writhing crusades of weight-loss in their minds. In turn, this crucifies the focus on expediting career. Girls these days impostor actresses. They are improvising by idealizing actresses but must impersonate the estimable achievers in real life rather in reel life!

Juxtaposition and comparison with such is what brings a sense of doom which has to be PERFECTLY VANDALIZED

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