Have you been depressed?

Depression is very underrated but severe medical illness. People going through depression do not opt for medical treatments and just give it a name “Overthinking”
Depression is not overthinking. Overthinking is just one of the things you face in depression. You can look at the bright sunny day and feel shivering inside, scared of everything around, low esteem, sleepless nights, lost and a lot more. You feel that no one and nothing is for you. You do not feel happiness and its different for different people. It is just not something you can ignore.
Your depression needs your attention. You owe this to your mind to your body. You aren’t cursed one if you are feeling depressed. It can happen to anyone due to any reason. Sometimes it is deep rooted sometimes it is just the floating one. In every case it needs attention. Admitting that you are depressed is a hard thing to do as it is often considered as a weak sign, but it is not.
What to do?
– Do the things you enjoy doing.
– Avoid comparing yourself and your life with others
– Appreciate yourself for your lil achievement and celebrate it.
– Surround yourself with the people who actually care
– Try to take proper sleep and drink 8- 10 glass of water daily.
It is just a phase which will pass. You have come a long way and this too shall pass.

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