How to wake up in the good mood.

Many people wake up in a bad mood. Reasons may vary. It may be due to poor sleep or it can be the thought of task ahead. However, inculcating good sleeping habits and a positive attitude in life, you can wake up in the good mood, feeling refreshed, happy and start the day positively. So let’s talk about how you can wake up in the good mood.

Night eating habits- Try to have your dinner at least two hours before going to bed, so that your body will be ready to digest the food. If you are hungry later at night have a fruit. It will satisfy your hunger without taking too much energy or time to digest.

Drink something warm before going to bed- A hot glass of milk with honey or turmeric powder or a glass of hot chocolate drink can be relaxing and it may induce sleep.

Prepare for the day the night before- Your office going clothes, your handbag, your children’s schoolbag, and necessary things should be kept ready for the previous night only to avoid morning stress. Prepare a meal plan for a week in advance to avoid waste of time in the morning.

Relax in the evening-Plan your children’s homework or your work related to office and try to finish them at least two hours before you go to sleep. Don’t any tension when preparing for sleep. If you go to bed in a calm and relaxed mood. The chances are you will wake up in a good mood.

Spending time with your family, reading, watching good T.V. programmes chatting with friends in the evening are all stress busters.

Most importantly start and end the day with a sense of gratitude. Thank almighty for whatever you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have. Learn to count your blessings. Say some prayer before going to bed. Prayer is very soothing to the mind and the body. Be always positive and wake up with new zeal and enthusiasm. Every new day is a new opportunity and a new chance.

wake up in the good mood.

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