India Pakistan on Canal water sharing

Geographically, historically and culturally both the countries India and Pakistan have so much in common. Before the division of the country in 1947, Pakistan was an essential part of India. After the birth of Pakistan, the relation between these two countries has been continuously strained.


The main factors behind the bad relation between these two countries are disputes over properties, border disputes, distribution of river water and the question of Kashmir, etc. Besides Kashmir these two countries are able to resolve the various issues through negotiations. These two countries resolved the question of sharing river water. According to agreement, India agreed to supply water to the canals in Pakistan. Its utilized the water properly in the irrigation works. Some differences and disputes began to arise between them and stopped the supply of water to Pakistan. However on the efforts of World Bank, both signed an agreement in 1960. Under this agreement, India not only agreed to supply water from Ravi, Beas and Sutlej on the Indian side but also agreed to assists Pakistan in the construction of canals for the link purpose.


Thus in this way this issue of canals water sharing had been solved. But at present lots of issues are still having not been solved yet. The main focused have been put on those issues as early as possible. This will began a new era of foundation between these two countries.

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