Why Is Indian culture losing popularity among Indians? (Part -1)

Why Is Indian culture losing popularity among Indians?

They think if they call themselves ‘Hindu’, their job is over. They think those who know some stories about ten-headed demons and some Gods are good Hindus. The reality is this that they know nothing, but they show like they know everything and they are trying hard to keep their culture alive.

In today’s scenario, people really don’t care for knowledge of their culture and the other serious stuff. They only want to achieve the things which provide them comfort, and they become its servant. I Will not blame all but I’ll say that there are still some left in this country who only thinks of caste and standard when it comes to any decisions regarding any matter. They are so talented that they always relate any discussion to the casteism. I can pour a number of words that will reflect why indian culture losing popularity but first lets focus on these:-

We have to stick with our own culture.

In present going, we are becoming the servant of bad conflicts going in our mind. We really are not thinking about our culture and we will lose our culture’s charm if we will not secure it. The present of us feels ashamed of talking in Hindi, present of us feels ashamed of talking in our regional language in front of any soul. Present of us feels altered while talking about the history and the present of us only thinks about the money and power. I will say that the present of us is living our lives in the hangover of English. We will have to think about our culture. We will have to cure the present of us if we want to make future of us, a well cultured Hindu.


Irrespective of caste we are becoming sudras. A śūdra only cares about his/her personal comforts and feelings. If he/she gets that, he/she will be satisfied enough and care for nothing else.


India has a 99.9% population of Śūdras, and this percentage is increasing every year. We are getting addict of foreign culture and forgetting the essence of our own culture. The scholars of our languages like Hindi and Sanskrit are becoming extinct. When the trend is reversed, our % of scholars will increase, and we will start studying our ancient languages which have the largest quantity and quality of world literature.

The lost culture and language.

There are so many books in Sanskrit that it is absolutely mind-boggling. How much has survived despite losing the homeland of Sanskrit (Pakistan) to Muslims (who have completely wiped out all traces of the language there) over the last 1000 years. There are millions of manuscripts in the government and private archives in Sanskrit that no one has looked at or published yet.

We are going to lose most of it because we have a very high % of fools in India who simply don’t care. Indian culture losing popularity and will affect the upcoming generation a lot.

indian culture losing popularity

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