Into the Wilderness- Poetry

In a land of the bewitched ,

he was a sinner with no sins
A creature with no wings, 
but his soul high in space . 
Beneath the madness he played, 
he hid a little horrid smile .
Tied with lashes of dark

was his tiny huge heart,

sending out strokes of love
lightened with the lessons of past . 
And to conquer the fear ,
cast by the witch he longed ,
he swayed with caution . 
Every step that he took ,
he took it on deep, 
not for the fear of falling,
 but to withstand the storm, 
that stole the beauty in him . 
And as the fiery path ended,
he gasps upon the magical fog, 
embracing the best of his existence, 
atop the dense green hills 
between those dark misty clouds,
thousands of feet high, 
he met with the calm,

that he had forelong left

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