Last Day in Ooty

Here comes the final day of our Ooty trip.

We had a pleasant sleep last night after a tiring day. We were not suppose to wake up early. But once the sunlight peeped in through the tea gardens and its warmth touched our face, comfort of bed or room-heater couldnot impress us any further. We wake up to such amazing view and felt so lucky. Last night while returning to the hotel, we were complainingabout its distance form the city but this view gave us no more reasons to repent for booking this hotel. We took shower, had yummy but healthy breakfast and checked out with our luggage.

The day’s itinerary was to visit Dodabetta Peak, Chocolate Museum and Pykara Lake while enroute to Bangalore via Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Dodabetta Peak :  We had to go upwards from the hotel to reach Dodabetta Peak. Its like a view point for Ooty. You should start early for it as the cars started to queue one after the other and if you are late, then car has to stop long back. And you have to climb up quite a long distance in the steeper slope. Once you arrive there, you have to stand in a queue to reach the top of the watch tower. It’s a long queue in the peak season. You should go early also because the entire city view is mesmerizing only till the sky is clear. But with gradual passage of time, fleecy cloud covers the sky and your efforts to reach there goes futile. You can get a glimpse of the watch tower and the city view from there in the pictures attached hereby. There is a souvenir shop which sells forest based honey and some essential oil. I bought eucalyptus oil form there and it was of great help to get relief from headache or any pain. It’s a government shop and your purchase can help the local people financially. Do visit the peak and buy a small gift from them. Your small purchase will mean a great help to them.

Toy Train : As we descended down towards the Chocolate Museum, we already started missing the hillstation. We were not so happy to leave Ooty as we could not afford to ride the Nilgiri toy train because of limited time. No one should miss it. It travels between Mettupalayam and Coonor, another very beautiful hillstation located nearby. It has both first class and second class seats, former being costlier having cushioned sitting arrangement. It starts at 9.30 a.m and brings you back by 4.30 p.m. It takes 3 hours to reach Coonor by toy train. It gives you magnificient view of the hill groves and tea plantations

Chocolate Museum : This museum is a heaven for the choco-lovers. It displays the models which gives a vivid description of the chocolate making process. Various kinds of milk chocolates and nut-based chocolates are being exhibited here. At the end, they gift everyone with a wafer stick dipped in molten chocolate. That’s fabulous in taste. You can also visit the Mahindra Hotel beside GemPark in Ooty where you get a chocolate vending machine. You can see its picture here.

Pykara Lake :  In the way, the car will stop about a kilometer away from the falls. You have to walk it. Water from this falls gets into a dam and forms this artificial lake. Its very clean and you can avail boating here in case if you have missed it in Ooty lake because of long queue. It has Barasingha sanctuary at its bank. House boating with family is a must-do activity here. You can see its photo in this collage I had taken years back.

With happy memories, herein we bid farewell to Ooty with strong heart with a hope to get back to the Queen of Hillstations  soon.


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