Love: Isn’t it imprecisely the Lust

“The entire universe seems to cease and promptly every living species stopped breathing but still, she is tieing her hairs behind her head in a neat bun. Nothing even came close to rivaling the time I spent on staring at her.” This is somehow movies explain love to us but reality has something else for us, it says that every relation starts from the physical appearance and ends with physical lovemaking or in short Lust. Lust isn’t an enormous thing, but it’s a way of observing peoples in order to fulfill the desires as well people do in love. The destination of each love story always moves around sex otherwise relationships don’t last long. Love imprecisely the Lust.

Love imprecisely the Lust

“Hot or Sexy” are the words most used by men to admire one’s beauty (Ladies). Is that the way of expressing love? I guess not. But its the nature of all human beings to look out on other for desires and pleasures. The peoples who say that I love her or him are the ones who always think of lovemaking with their partners. And they say that they didn’t believe in Lust.Within between the initial phase of love and the final phase (sex) each of them goes through verbal-sex or fantasies goes on within the mind. And that’s what they call that they are in love with each other.

I think each of us is looking for pleasure in our society including a teenager or an adult (married or unmarried)  or even the senior citizens too. That’s the reason that we have a number of peoples active on Dating apps like Tinder and that’s only the reason for the success of porn websites around the world.

In short, we all became a part of a society where we can build relationships with others just to fulfill desires of each other. That’s why the existence of Love is in danger or we may say Love is transforming into Lust and we all are accepting it with open arms.

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