Make Minor Life-Style Changes to make life healthier.

To live healthily means to live happily.  To live a healthy and happy life everyone needs some discipline. To learn to live a healthy life is not rocket science. You need a solid determination, willpower, and willingness to live a healthy and happy life. Here are tips for a healthier life.

1-  Nowadays everyone is kind of addicted to their smartphone. If you have to constantly look at your smartphone go for brain-training games. They actively engage your brain. This will also help in boosting memory and potentially reduces the risk of dementia according to a study by Cambridge University.

2- Fill your plate with half the portion you might eat. Psychologically, it’s better to have a full smaller plate than a half-empty large one.

3- Don’t ever use plastic bags. People think that they are saving planet earth by reusing plastic bags without knowing that plastic bags are most hazardous to health. A recent study in the USA found large numbers of harmful and even life-threatening bacteria in reusable bags. Keep separate bags for meat, root vegetables, and poultry in one bag, keeping potentially harmful bacteria away from ready-to-eat foods.

4- Use less of shoulder bags. Instead, use cross-body bags. Carrying a heavy load on one side of your body causes an imbalance in the muscular structure, causing neck, shoulder, and back pain. With a diagonal shoulder bag, you can equally distribute the weight.

5- Consume more vegetarian food than non-vegetarian foods. It’s a misconception among people that non-vegetarian food is more healthy. Vegetables and pulses should be the main food. Have tofu instead of chicken, lentils in place of mince,  and replace meatballs with falafel. You can have roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, baked brinjals, the choice is countless.

6- Have fresh fruits instead of canned fruit juices. Fruit juices are full of sugar which is not healthy. Fresh fruits have more fibre and are filling.

7- Studies have proved that sitting for a long period of time is dangerous to health. Try to stand or even better walk. While talking to a friend, talking on the phone, walk around.  This may sound very trivial but movements are vital in keeping good health.

8- Make your own salad dressings and spreads. They are healthier than the store brought.

Life is to enjoy to its fullest. Unless you have a healthy body and sound mind you cannot enjoy the life the way you want to be. Always find a way to be more healthy physically and mentally.

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