My first mistake

My first mistake.

Chapter 1: My first encounter 

“Good night son”

“Good night mom”

Alas I have to sleep early. There are many reasons behind it, you see.

Tomorrow is my first day of a new semester. And I, instead of being excited and thrilled, am feeling to just wait for another night.

Though I don’t feel to sleep I really need to for my mum told me about the dark circles that act as parasites when we don’t get enough sleep.

●         ●          ●          ●          ●

“Get up son. Look I had already asked you to sleep early but you didn’t. And so you need to pay for it.”

I never wanted to rise. I wish an earthquake must come and my school must bury inside the land.

No school no tension. Full day sleep no homework.

But mom wouldn’t let that happen.

Suddenly she dashed on one side of the bed giving me a jerk and I completely fell over the ground with my sheeting still over me. And my poor fortunate head for it just survived a brutal collision with the cupboard.

Unlike my plans, I got up, brushed my teeth had a bath had my breakfast got ready with my uniform, and ran to catch my school bus.

I don’t know how some people love a place like SCHOOL. They regard it as a palace. But only the students like us know that it isn’t a palace but actually a cellular jail.

My experience of the first day commenced with a seating arrangement of mine in the corner.

I could only see some boys from bully class but suddenly I saw her. Her attractive black hair that swirled round her neck, her charming eyes with specs on. Her pink cheeks glowing as if the Sun rose from those dimples that were like a swamp which trapped me. She looked at me while I was literally staring at her!

Man, what would she be thinking of me?

But hey, she smiled.

“Hi!”, she said. “What’s your name?”

“D-Da-Daanish” I answered with my mouth still glaring at her sparkling eyes.

“So are you new here?”

“Ya, my family recently shifted to New Delhi.”

“Hmmm… so that’s why you are so much alone in the class.”,said she while her still lively smile surrounding me. “So… you mind if I sit here beside you?”

What!!! She wants to sit beside me. Same was my wish but my unfaithful tongue which always sticks to the mouth when it is very much required.

“A-A YA. I MEAN…..” I couldn’t speak at all. Such a dumb creature I was behaving like.

” Wait don’t hesitate in saying. I will sit somewhere else.”

Man, she left me. And that’s all because of my this creepy tongue.

So I waited for some other students to enter the classroom as my first aim was to make my troop and I had already lost one ‘Request To Join Your Troop’…….



My first mistake

My first mistake TO BE CONTINUED. 


My first mistake

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