Organ donation… a boon from modern surgery


What is meant by organ donation?

It is the donation of human’s organs. Whether the human be living or dead. Many experts have concluded from there research that as many as 50 persons can be saved or helped by just one donor.

Can any organ be donated freely from a dead person?

No, some organs can be donated only when the donor is alive.

What is the age limit?

People of any age can donate their organs.

Are their any religious significance associated with this transplant?

Yes indeed. Every religion allows organ transplantation(except in my society). In Islam, this organ transplantation is called sadka jariyah. This word means continuous charity. In Hinduism also we can relate Lord Ganesha with organ transplantation, as he has an elephant head and is so called gajanana.

Its significance in other spheres of life…

It is no doubt the greatest way of helping others by sacrificing yout body parts to help someone who awaits but for a miracle. Even after your death, your body will still help someone desperate. It is also a way to show that humanity is still not extinct.



And so I would like everyone to take a pledge to donate at least one organ, either after death or with your blood still flowing…






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