Periods:More to know

With the most recent news coverage stories of the Sabarimala case and its Supreme court verdict on this matter is a judgement which should be applauded always.This is a judgement which is a pioneer act in itself that breaks the ground of discrimination on the terms of sex….and on the darker side something on which is very natural…THE PERIODS!! 

Yes guys ,you heard it right.How can people not allow some lady to enter the temple on the ground of some natural phenomena in the body when a girl hits puberty.

Just as men are god’s creation so is the women.It is quite a disgrace to know that the South which is often regarded to be the advanced in terms of literacy,lifestyle and development in comparison with other states is fighting with the women’s on this issue.THIS IS IRONIC!!


1..It is not something one should be awful for.The menses are completely organic and they occur when the tissues of the uterus are no longer needed to carry a baby(foetus).

2.It’s just a sign of adolescence indicating that the female body is undergoing change just as the Adam’s apple and a hoarse voice in the men.

3. Periods are usually 5-8 days lasting event and varies from person to person.

4.This even varies with the change in diet,place,stress ,and work conditions.

5.Girls might feel awkward in this phase….but it is completely fine..until you are confident about it.

6.There is pain observed in various parts of the body which differs from lady to lady.

7 There is a swing in the emotions and a constant pain for few ones.

That’s a lot of info.There is a lot more to explore.The next post will be there soon!!



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