Point system for opinionswall

The points you get for every action.

Points for Sign-up

When You register or sign-up with Opinionswall, you get 20 points in your wallet. So Sign-Up today and start earning with Opinionswall.

Points for Sign-In

Whenever You sign-in to Opinionswall, you get 5 points in your wallet. So Sign-in today and start earning with Opinionswall.

Points for trending(Mega way)

If your content top in our trending list, you will get 200 points for that. So share your content, increase views count on your posts to be in trending list.

Points for content submission

Whenever a users submits a content on Opinionswall, they get 30 points. So make your writing popular and earn money with opinionswall.

Points for comments

A user gets 3 points for an approved comment on any post. User can comment on any post and can motivate or admire other’s content.

Points for Referral

User gets 20 points for referring anyone on this site. Users can refer their friends, relatives, anyone on this site and can earn money. Just share your referral link with them and ask for sign-up using that link.

Some hidden way

Be on site and discover some hidden way of earning points. We have dozens of hidden way. These information will directly reach to email. Earn upto 50 points.

Points equivalent to money

You need to earn 1000 bricks at-least to withdraw your earnings. 1000 bricks = 500 INR

Points for videos

Submit your own videos and earn money or you can submit those videos which is copyright free. Submit videos and earn 30 points for your own videos or 15 points for editable videos.

points for watching videos

Earn points by watching videos. It will give you upto 10 points for watching videos.

points for poems

Earn 20 points for poems. Submit your own poems.

for shorter content

You will get less points.