Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired.

I always emphasize on good health. It is an essential part of our life. Some people are tired, 24/7.  The reason could be many. The cause could be some deficiency or diseases. There are other reasons also why you always feel lethargic. Let us check some of the reasons.

1- Not eating right- Nowadays you will wonder to know that people forget to eat because of lack of time. Choosing an unhealthy diet or food is not good for our body. Eating too little or too much is also not advisable. If we keep on consuming a lot of simple carbohydrates like white rice, maida, white bread, can rob us of our energy. These food provide the body with empty calories. Fatty and sweets place great demands on our body. Remember to always follow a balanced diet.

2- Not drinking enough liquid- If we don’t drink enough liquid, we may suffer from headaches and fatigue. Liquid means not sodas and other aerated drinks but plain water. Our body is made up of 50% water. If we drink too little water or any other unsweetened drink, slows down the metabolism and the body shifts into lower gear. The reason? Feeling dead tired.

3-Not getting enough light- Sunlight is very important to our body. Sunlight gives us vitamin D  which is essential for the body. Some people prefer darkness to light. Darkness causes the body to release the sleep hormone melatonin. Make sure to spend as much time possible outside. Surprisingly, another way to build up our energy reserve is to use a daylight lamp. During the day, keep the curtain open, thus letting some sunlight and air.

4- you are stressed- We are always anxious about an e-mail, a call on your cell phone, notification on our mobile. These causes unnecessary tension and stress. This can really wear down our body. In olden days all this was not there for people to be stressed. They were contented and had an undisturbed 7 to 8 hours of sleep. The more stimuli the brain has to process, the harder it has to work.

5- Not getting enough exercise- Exercise makes us more energetic.  45 Minutes of physical activity will boost our mood and keep us energized throughout the day. Exercise gets the heart pumping, boosts the metabolism and increases blood circulation. Lack of physical activity will make us sluggish. A study conducted by Stanford University says that exercise makes us sleep better. We have to make time for any kind of physical activity. Simple 45 minutes of walking for six days a week not only give us enough energy but also make us less stressful.

We have to take care of our health ourselves. If you are fit in the body you will be fit in the mind also. Good health is a vital ingredient for a happy life. Being sedentary can lead to fatigue in even healthy people. MOVE, MOVE, AND MOVE. For a healthier life.

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