Reflecting The Beauty Of Strangers.

Exploring gives the idea of what about anything is and traveling helps in exploring this World or say traveling is a heavenly way of spending our life. This World is like a room with big walls and you are like a painter who has every color in his hands. Now it is up to you whether you are going to leave the painting in middle or you are going to leave the walls colorless only for the sake of priceless rest. Lets try out to figure the beauty of strangers.

A person once said -“traveling and meeting strangers is a very best possible way of learning something new and gaining knowledge actually lots of knowledge”.We are nothing but only a part of a dot in a crowd. The thousands of bodies; bodies with their reflexes trying to ignore the crowd to make a way for their deadline at the right time. From the time of birth to the line of a metro, from the time of lost to the time of death, we face thousands of strangers daily. The strangers are like a beautiful explanation explained by any God’s friend.

Suppose you love someone and he or she is not with you. You are sitting in a park and suddenly a drop of tear knocks on the door of your eyes. you know that you will not be able to stop those tears but you try. You try really hard. That is the time when you will feel like lost in this big World. You will feel like releasing your soul and with hazy eyes, you will only be able to see people passing by you. That is the moment when you will see some new faces. You may see an old guy dissolving totally in a newspaper. You may see a girl is sitting all alone. The curly hair of her, the color of hair. You will try to fetch the reason behind those lines on her forehead.

You will see a couple chatting their heart out and will see how the boy is touching the chick of the girl with those hands and the emotion behind that and will notice an unbreakable bond between them. Suddenly, You will see a Boy calling to his mom and trying to make her understand that he is planning a tour with his friends. Till that time your tears will be eagerly in a desire to touch your lips and to give you the taste of all alone. But you will wipe those with that hand and again you will start to see that girl with curly hair.

This is nothing but reflects the beauty of strangers because when you will see them, you will notice an ocean of emotions, smile, heart, humor. You will see your lover in them, you will notice your parents in them, you will see your teacher in them, you will notice the beauty of strangers.

Whenever we feel all alone, they are the one who makes us feel that we are not the one who is missing something, who is doing something, who is racing fastly to complete the life. They make you feel good and never stop until you get what you want. Strangers are like a wind. They come and go, we don’t even remember them. They come sometimes like an error. Sometimes they come and do a little mistake or error in our life which affects us hard but it also gives a lesson or say experience. They come sometimes as a philosopher. They are those who like to speak and comment extraordinary on anything or they also share their stories or experiences like sweet butter cookies which after listening or metaphorically eating, you will not be able to forget those in your whole life.

The unforgettable.

One who cracks jokes or having better humor is also very interesting. No matter how much time you are going to spend with them, they will only give you smile. Some strangers come like (i can’t even define that word) but by seeing them we wish to spend more time in seeing them. We wish that they go wherever we go. Some are like miracle who just come to save us or to make a way for you. Strangers, we also start our life as a stranger and then World accept us. They will give you smile, reason a to remember any tour, style and many other different beautiful things. Please be pleasant and try to figure out the beauty of strangers. They are like a beautiful brick which helps us to form the surrounding of smiles.

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