Revolution of France

The Orlean Monarchy  perished in the February  Revolution 1848. Louis Philippe was prudent , hard working. He was popular in the early years of his reign for his brilliant ideas. He was a man of neither revolution nor centre of revolution. He was a suitable king for a regime. He was served by the talented ministers like Thiers and Guizot. In the handling of foreign affairs Louis Philippe earned a credit. His colonial policy was crowned with success.


Revolution can only happen due to hatred of one class of people against another class, who hold power. The real cause of the Revolution of 1848 was the hatred of the pretty bourgeois against the power seeking upper bourgeois. They held the sole right of franchisee and they utilized their governing power to maximize their profit. The Government of Louis Philippe became a bourgeois government. He looked to the interest of this class only.  Louis lost all support of the different political parties and the people. His anti-people, anti-labor and anti-petty middle class policy landed him in the isolation.


The July Revolution gave the birth to the monarchy of Louis Philippe. It was certainly a conservative revolution. The amended charter of 1830 only satisfied the interest of the haute bourgeoisie. The Republicans and the Socialists did not accept the Charter as a final solution. The amend Charter of 1830 gave voting right only to men of property who paid annually a direct tax of 200 francs. The voting right was limited to 2.8% of the Population. The voters who paid 200 francs as tax were rich bourgeois. The Charter of the voters made the Government a bourgeois one.


Louis Philippe foreign policy also contributed to the collapse of his government. The nation aspired for a vigorous policy. They hoped that the glory of France should be revived by a vigorous foreign policy. Louis Philippe disappointed the nation by a drawl and colorless policy of peace at any rate. He sacrificed French interest in Belgium, Egypt and Spain to purchase English friendship.

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