Rewire The Brain And Analyse The Quantum Of Happiness Within

Have you ever wondered where misconceptions, unhappiness and bad expectations come from? Let’s get back to the phase that has just made you feel low, badly hurt, and weak from within. The memories you have in your subconscious mind change your perspective of your conscious mind. The GI Joe fallacy “knowing is half the battle” had explained in such a beautiful way, that being aware of something is already half the way to achieve that goal. The PERMA has all the five dimensions to make us analyse the quantum of happiness that dwell inside our bodies.

Positive emotions, relationships and accomplishments determine every inch of happiness. Whatever you have been facing in life, go back. Forgive and forget. Rewire the brain and let it all go. That’s when you’ll be putting your subconscious brain to peace, and you’ll see the change in your behaviour around the people you live with. Being a doctor and a motivational speaker, I can say that improving yourself is the first basic thing that you need to prioritise! Those ten minutes in the morning can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

These negative emotions and misconceptions are made to masque out your zones of good character. Don’t let these take over your true self. Start today and you’ll love the way you see yourself from tomorrow. Today is always a powerful tool to learn, and tomorrow brings something new if you have decided to let it. Let’s get connected.

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