Secularism and Communalism at stake

This article comes to express my sadness over the news reportings from the various media houses on the troll of democracy over the GAU-HATYA, SABARIMALA CASE, AUGUSTA CASE, DEMONETISATION, GST and to the new addition of KARTARPUR CORRIDOR. 

It this really needed?

Is this really required to show the devotion any government towards its voters and to attract the vote bank?

Does winning seats has came to suck things at such a level that politicians don’t talk about the basics of the moral living and debate about vague and irrelevant topics?

What is the status of secularism and communalism?Is it consistent with the fundamental rights outlined in the constitution?

They were other n no. Of things and it becomes important not to overlook when we have more important issues to be debated.The list includes the following

1.The Lancet report of loss of 53 billion hours of labour loss.

2.The heat waves with hot-spots in U.P., Nagpur,Bihar

3.The undernourished and weak report by Global report on Health and Nutrition.

Instead the higher administrators of any nation should work more in the sustainable issues,the development if environment and social-economic parameters rather than disturbing the communal harmony and secularism of the country.

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