Show Love For Opinionswall – Competition

Show Love For Opinionswall is a competition which will end on the 10th of September.

Users will have to:-

  1.  Make a video(not more than 50 mb).
  2. Submit video using submit a video menu(Now Working).
  3. Feature themselves in the video.
  4. Just say anything about Opinionswall.
  5. How much you love opinionswall or anything which you love about opinionswall.
  6. Submit the video till 10th Sept.
  7. Winner will get the Points(there will be 3 winners).
  8. 200 Points will be given to winner.
  9. Winner’s video will be featured in Opinionswall brand ad.
  10. Other’s will get some points as well.

So, participate and make this competition successful. We will bring some more to entertain you and to create a bond with you.


Keep Smiling and keep earning.

Let me know what do you think about this, any suggestions, any query etc. Chat in the Comment box.

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