Small Steps to a Healthier Life.

As seasons change we go through many health-related problems. Nowadays, you cannot predict the weather. The day-to-day change in weather plays havoc with our immune system and we become more vulnerable to viruses. Since our body performs its functions at a certain temperature, during a change in season, we have to readapt our life which makes it susceptible to infections. Here are some suggestions to stop falling sick during seasonal changes.

1- Consume a lot of vitamin C- Vitamin C has been shown to shorten the duration of a cold as well as reduce the severity. Capsicum, gooseberry, oranges, strawberries, guava, grapes are all loaded with vitamin C.  Vitamin C enhances iron absorption. Eating food that is rich in vitamin E also makes the body strong to fight against germs because vitamin E contains zinc and selenium.

2- Maintain hygiene- Maintaining hygiene is very important in any and every season. Washing your hand whenever necessary is a must. Keep sanitizer handy whenever travelling or at the workplace. Dr Nupur Krishnan suggests that whether it’s counting notes and coins, turning switches on and off, using public toilets or holding supportive handles in trains or buses, make sure to use sanitizer.

3- Don’t be your own doctor- When you fall sick, even if it’s common cold or flu, consult a doctor instead of popping pills on your own. Take rest and avoid going to crowded places like cinema halls and malls as they aggravate the sickness.

4- Sleep- Seven hours of sleep is a must. Weather change affects lung by a way of cold or cough. Proper undisturbed sleep is one of the oldest remedies to prevent illness because it helps the body rejuvenate. Sleep strengthens the immune system also so there are better chances of fighting viruses.

5- Exercise- Burn calories to boost immunity. Exercise not only keeps you in shape but also stops you from falling sick. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes five days a week helps in a great way to keep you healthy and fit. Experts say, ” This includes light jog, swimming or cycling. If you don’t exercise often, don’t start a strenuous workout.” The best exercise is simply walking. It doesn’t require any fancy gadgets or any other expensive things. A good solid pair of shoes is enough.

6- Get a flu shot- Last but not least, getting a flu shot is a good idea to build a strong immunity. Getting vaccinated annually ensures that you are protected from new mutations of viruses.

Always remember ‘Health is the true Wealth”. Being healthy is in our hand. A disciplined life and good habits help one in the long run.

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