Social Norms to be Followed.

We all agree that people have become a social media addict nowadays. Every little thing about personal and professional life are posted on their social media account. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad. But sometimes it may become a nuisance. Familiarity breeds contempt’.

These days people have forgotten even the basic etiquette, one should follow. In every walk of life, we should follow some basic rules while keeping our social duties intact. Here are some rules to be followed.

1- Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If the person is not picking up the phone means either he/she is busy with some important work or he/she may not want to talk to you. Respect that.

2- Never order expensive food items when someone is giving you a treat. It’s always better to ask them to order the food.

3- Don’t ask awkward questions. Some people have this habit of poking their nose in everybody else’s personal life. Questions like ‘are you married?’, Why are you not married”?, ‘Why you don’t have your own home?” etc are very embarrassing to the person you are asking. Learn to respect everyone’s way of living.

4- Always open the door for the person coming behind you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a girl or a boy. This shows your character. People will definitely appreciate your gesture.

5- ‘Thank you’ and ‘sorry ‘ are the words which will go a long way in taking the relationship on a further level.

6- If someone is not interested in listening to you or is not interested in you, stop pestering them.

7- Never comment on anyone’s personality. It can be their weight, their looks, their way of dressing etc. This is very rude and one should never indulge in these things.

8-Never give advice until asked. This always happens but remember that advice is one thing everyone likes to give but no one likes to take. Don’t waste time on someone instead, try to improve yourself.

9- Do not view every post on social media sites as an opportunity to argue/debate, even if doesn’t conform to your views or beliefs.

10- Last but least, if someone tells you about his/her ailments, don’t start talking about your ailments. Listen to him/her patiently and if possible help them out.

Good manners and social etiquette go a long way in keeping our dignity and self-respect intact. These qualities should be inculcated from childhood.


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