Some Financial Tips To Save Money on Day-to-day Life.

‘Money saved is money earned’ is an old saying. Saving and spending money on a tight budget is an art.  Everyone should have a basic knowledge of how to lead a life in a simple way. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should curtail every wish of yours. Spending the money in a smart way will automatically increase your saving.  Here are some tips to follow.

1- First and foremost is to teach your children yourself. Encourage them to learn the lessons themselves. If they find any subject hard ( mostly maths), help them out. This will become a habit for them and you can save lots of money in the future,( when they go to higher classes ) on expensive coaching classes or tuition classes. This is one of the best ways to save money for future higher education.

2- Always carry your lunch box and water bottle whenever you go outside. Food cost a bomb today and you are even sure of a hygienic factor. Carrying your own lunch or tiffin is a way you can save a lot of money.

3- Plan traveling- Travel off season which can save you money. You can avoid 2 to 3 times extra prices and unavoidable rush.

4- Use public transport as far as possible. They are cheaper and convenient. If traveling with family then you can take your own vehicle.

5- Give fixed pocket money to children. Ask them the account next month. This way they will understand the importance of money. Teach them to plan and spend money.

6- Grocery shop only once a month. This saves impromptu purchase, saving on fuel and your precious time. Plan the grocery list for every month and strictly stick to it. Here meal planning also will help you.

7- Focus on the activities with children where they can enjoy and you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Playing in the garden, playing indoor games, board games can be planned. Avoid regular visits to the mall, theater, and other expensive places.

8- Keep a cloth bag or jute bag handy to avoid buying bags every time you shop.

9- Take policies for future needs. Consult an insurance agent and he/she will guide you regarding this.

10 Nowadays there in cities. Make use of them. Whether rich or poor you buy from them at a cheaper rate and with good quality.

11- Last but not least, whatever your salary, some amount must go towards saving. Every month a fixed amount should be kept and never look at that. Start with small and increase as you grow financially.

With proper planning and strict control on spending will help you lead a happy and tension free life.

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