Some Principles to Manage Problems.

No one can expect the life to be always smooth sailing. Everyone faces some or other kinds of problems in their life. Problems, difficulties, obstacles are all part and parcel of our life. How you cope or manage them is more important. Here are some suggestions.

1- Never underestimate the problem- Don’t ignore the problems. Accept them as your challenge to solve it. Your potential power to cope with it determines your attitude towards the problem. Unquestionably, many problems are never resolved because they are not taken seriously enough.

2-Don’t exaggerate- Exaggerating the problem will only complicate things. Underestimating and exaggerating, both are not needed. Our instinct reaction to any problems is these two. By both ways, you cannot solve the problems.

3- Don’t wait- Patience is not a virtue if you just sit back and wait for your problems to solve themselves. There are time and place for patience.  Wait only after you have found all the possible ways to solve your problems.

4- Don’t aggravate- The problem can become better or worse by our own attitude. we have that power. Never feel threatened by problems. Think to solve the problems positively and never bring any negativity into this otherwise you will not find the solutions to your problems.

5-Illuminate- Lightened up your mind. Get smart and then smarter.  Ask some questions about the problems rather than avoiding them.

5- Get motivated- When you consider all the positive aspect of solving the problems you will get motivated to face the problems in instead of running away from them. Positive thinking always motivates people.

6-Take Action- Instead of wallowing in self-pity start taking actions. If you have lost your job or are unemployed, discover the many opportunities available in the job market. Don’t let age, religion, gender, race or region be a factor to stop you from looking better changes. Always REMEMBER there is no expiry date for your worth.

7- Sublimate- Every problem has a solution. They are loaded with possibilities. You can turn your mountains of problems into a gold mine by thinking positively, calmly, rationally and, logically. Believe that every time one door closes, a window will be opened. You just have to find it out.

8- Dedication- No one can fail because they lack opportunity, ability, intelligence or talent. They have not tried every possible way to find out the solution. Be dedicated and focused. You may try to give up but remember doors will be opened to an enthusiastic person first.

9- Communicate- You need not become recluse because of your problems. Manage your problems by remembering that often the solutions lie in the help from the other source or other people. Reach out, communicate when you need help, ask for the help. Don’t be too proud to tell people you are helpless and also ensure to help people who need your support, rather offer it.

You cannot completely avoid the problems from your life but you can definitely find solutions to them.

‘Problems are not stopping signs, they are guidelines’.

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.- Albert Einstein.


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