I never wanted a guy for myself.
I hated the idea of being 
in a relationship at some  point
but then
this heart
screams out loud for 
who can decode its  scream.
Someone who can help 
the poor soul.
Someone who can be 
more caring to my heart 
than myself.
Someone who can listen 
to the song in my heart 
and sing it in my ears.
Someone who is more 
excited about my birthday 
than me. 
Someone who screenshots 
my texts to read them 
later and smile thinking 
about me.
Someone who can Carter 
to my mental needs and 
mend my broken soul. 
Someone who can heal 
my bruised mind.
Someone who can sense 
when I am upset and sing 
love songs for me.
Someone who is out there,
fighting for me 
which is enough to make me 
strong in this world full of fakes.
Someone who is genuine 
enough to put his heart 
out and never regret.
That someone
whom I can call my 
away from home.
Someone who is my happy place. 
Someone on whose lap 
I can forget my troubles.
whom I found 
in the crowd of millions 
but you know,
what’s the beauty mate,
That my  someone came
out on its own.
Breaking all the barriers,
shattering the closed doors,
avoiding all my deep insecurities 
in the end 
what’s meant to be,
 finds its way.

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