SRK will roar again with zero.

We all know that SRK always believes in creating or doing very different and he did the same in past. With, Fan and now Zero, SRK is writing a new chapter of VFX in Bollywood. Although in recent years, the shining of that King’s crown lost and critics started barking. King Khan is becoming more popular, more creative and more passionate instead of those bad words. He is now ready with his upcoming flick Zero, directed by Anand L Rai.The film is set to release on 21st of December and we know that SRK will roar again with Zero.


We have hope that zero will make the film fraternity and the audiences across the globe to fall in love with Shah Rukh Khan.


Like me, there are millions waiting for his upcoming movie. When the first teaser released, it created a lot of buzzes and the fans were demanding for more of their star. The srkians and all other film critics gave a positive review of the first teaser. SRK danced to the most popular song of the golden era.


Recently, the makers launched a new teaser starring Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on Eid day. The fans were amazed to see the pair back on big screen and also liked the teaser very much. The second teaser also received a great response and it hit almost 24 million views in only 24 hrs.


SRK will roar again- We have faith.


We are waiting to see how SRK will roar again with zero and will give the answers to those barkings of the critic. The box-office needs a wake-up call from Shah Rukh Khan because it is forgetting the king of Bollywood. We wish SRK to touch that 9th cloud with Zero and break all the records at the same time. With Zero, we wish to see our furious king back. We want to see our Badshah shining like never before.


This is the dream of all srkian, this is a wish of all cinema lover. SRK, we love you and we will be your Jabra Fan until we breathe this life.




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