That Eternal Love..! Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Going in the Flashback!

After they left for their homes, Shanaya and Varun, were almost lost in their past days. Flashback scenes started in front of Shanaya and Varun. 

It all started when they were high school students. They both were classmates since 3rd grade, but never noticed each other during those innocent primary school days. Of course, kids at that age doesn’t even knows what other relations a girl and a boy can have except friendship and those cute fights!

Summer holidays were over and so was primary school days. They were now going to be high school students. Shanaya was a bright girl in her class. Varun was equally bright too. They both were in a competition to bring higher ranks in the class. Shanaya was elected as a class prefect that year. She was a quite, shy and active student. On the other hand Varun was mischievous and irritating classmate. Initially they both were enemies of each other. They avoided even to see each other.

Shanaya was strict in the class as she was  a responsible class monitor to keep the class calm and silent. Varun enjoyed irritating her during her monitoring time. She even punished him few of a times for his mischiefs and for that even Varun hated her. 

One fine day, Varun wanted to take a revenge with her for making him punished. He knew Shanaya was fond of the actor Shahrukh Khan aka SRK and all her books has the cover photo of him. During the recess time, Varun took an opportunity to open her bag and made funny and horrible scribbling on SRK’s face. And again kept those books with care inside her bag. 

Recess was over. Next period was about to get started, so everyone in the class took out their books to get ready for the next class. Varun kept an eye on Shanaya’s reaction. They both sat on the opposite benches. To her shock, Shanaya saw her books were miserably scribbled. And all those SRK’s cover photos was badly destroyed. She literally started crying as she really loved SRK and couldn’t stand this mischief. She remained silent whole day. 

Varun was guilty for what he did. He didn’t like Shanaya to be so silent and not getting strict on anybody. Specially on him! Next morning he wanted to say sorry. Varun was the cycle captain in the school. 
When Shanaya brought her cycle, Varun took it over and was about to say sorry, but Shanaya left in a fraction of second. Later, he got to know that Shanaya is fond of chocolates. So, he managed anyhow to bring a chocolate in the bag the next day in the school. Chocolates were strictly prohibited in the school. During recess, he kept it inside her bag with a sorry note. 

Shanaya was surprised to see this. She still doesn’t know who did this mischief to her. She asked in the class that whoever has done this must confront her. Varun was quite shy to confront. He didn’t want her to know that it was him. And this topic was ended that day. Shanaya didn’t bother later on who did it.

Their fights were still the same. Still they were enemies of each other. But something was changed inside Varun after that incident, though he never confronted and kept on irritating her.

So how their love started….to know keep on reading next chapters!!

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