That Eternal Love..!

Chapter 1 : First kiss in the Rain

Finally! They met after 8 long years! He was changed alot in appearance and so was she! They both knew they missed each other a lot in those past years, but none of them spoke a word of it and cherished their meeting with long and never ending conversions. They laughed and cried remembering those school days!

It was a kiddish love, but they knew it was true. They liked to be with each other, time doesn’t mattered to them when they were together. But, they had to live with the fact that they can’t be life partners. Their castes were extremes and for them their family’s happiness mattered above all. The time came when again they had to get apart. None of them wanted to bid farewell, after all they met after such long years. But, destiny has decided something else for them.Β 

The moment they were cherishing their good old memories in that dark alley where they used to park their cycles during school days, a sudden and surprisingly unseasonal rain started drenching them completely. It was the month of November! May be, even God wanted them to be together for some more time by showering these rain on them. There was something special in that moment. Some kind of sparkle was all around them.

Something that never happened in that last decade, happened that night. He grabbed her near to him. His heart was throbbing faster than ever and so was hers. He hugged her tightly like he never did before, as though he will never let her go. Their bodies were closer than ever. They both heard the rhythm of their heart dancing with their breathes. It was all like a dream for her. He moved more closer to her, such that no air can pass through them. They didn’t care about the people seeing them. They were completely lost in eachother. Eye to eye, hand in hand! He kissed her passionately, her eyes were closed. He bit her lips, and she loved it. They both knew this is never going to happen again. So they wanted to be in eachother’s arms for that moment.Β 

She opened her eyes, and saw tears in his eyes, later she realized she was crying too. They both didn’t knew whether these were tears of happiness or sadness! They didn’t want to let go of eachother. They wanted that time to get paused. But, God has His own plans. Their meeting was over. They left for their home’s, but, the unseasonal rain didn’t stop. Whether God was crying too on seeing their love which He cannot allow to be together! They went back home smiling and crying. This was the best memory they made with each other. May be they tied their relationship in an unbreakable vow that night! This was mere unconditional love they had for each other!

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