The Difference Between Being Sad and Being in Depression.

The modern age, with many comforts, also gives some stress. Nowadays it is very common to hear that, so and so is in depression. The word is dreaded by everyone. What is sad and what is depression?

With every seasonal change, we have also mood change. If it is winter we suffer from running nose, cold, cough, and fever. We have dry skin and we may feel heavier. In summer we have to bear a scorching heat. We may also feel heat-related problems. In the rainy season, we may have to stay at home on heavy rainfall days. This disheartens our feeling and we feel mood out. This is called SAD (  Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is a very real condition and most of us go through these changes.  How to find out whether you are sad because of seasonal change or something deeper is going with you? Where is the thin line between being sad and being in depression?

If the low mood goes away with the season and welcoming the season which you like, is sadness. In most eases once your favorite season arrives the sadness goes away and you become cheerful. The sign of depressions is different from being sad.

* If you find difficulty in getting sleep or if you oversleep then it may be depression.

* Being oversensitive to rejection or the difficult phase you are going through means you are in a depression.

* Surprisingly, craving for foods high in carbohydrate may be a symptom of depression.

* If you always feel heavy in heart for little thing, if you feel like crying for no reason and, if you feel like you are the victim all the time, then, maybe you are in a depression.

According to Dr. Mennesson, Knowing the difference between depression and sadness allows the person suffering to find out what type of treatment or interventions they need. You must find out the root cause of depression. The seasonal sadness may go away on its own. For depression, you may have to take the help of your physician. Your doctor will find out the difference and take a plan accordingly.

It’s proved that whether it’s SAD or depression, developing a mindfulness practice is helpful in lifting the mood by shifting the mind and body into parasympathetic( ”rest and digest”) mode.

Taking the help of friends, family, counselor or doctor should not be a problem when suffering from depression. Earlier the better.

It is better to not to fall into depression but if you are depressed, remember it is not the end of the world. Being in a positive state of mind will definitely help in overcoming any kind of problem, related to mind. Read good motivational books, pray ( praying is soothing to the mind and the body) Enjoy the life,s best and worst gifts. Always remember This will also pass’.

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