The Hollow Space

Arya looked pale when she wiped the sweat that was running on her cheeks like an endless river. It was a rainy day and she was just in, finishing her regular workout. She could hear the water dripping from the tap when she called out loud “Mom can I have some coffee? What’s taking you so long? Don’t you remember that it’s my birthday and soon we should head to the temple for puja?”.

It was a customary practice for Arya that her mother had taught her from childhood. She had turned 26, this year and had stuck to the same practice even now.

She rushed to her room and randomly picked a beige colored lehenga and a maroon dupatta, which her mother had gifted when she got her first job.

” Mom, I’m going to wear the same old dress that you gifted me, and no more arguments, it’s going to be my final choice”.

Her mother lovingly replied, ” okay dear, as you wish. However, there’s no use arguing because girls these days wear the same clothes every time out of a hundred other choices in the closet, and still claim that they don’t have more collections. Now, have your coffee and get ready soon“. She seemed like a typical mom when she turned her back and climbed down the stairs.

Arya grinned and steadily thought ” Mom, you are never going to change, such a sweetheart. I love you.”

And she suddenly felt her blood rushing down her cold body, her spine-chilling. Everything seemed dark and empty. The colors faded and it seemed like a demon whirlwind washing away her happiness.


That’s when she could hear a kooky, high pitched voice calling out from the kitchen “Madam, your coffee is ready and kept on a table”. It had been exactly 3 years, on the same day that Arya’s mom had a sudden cardiac arrest and bid her final goodbye to her beloved daughter.  It was an imaginary conversation. As usual, Arya had traveled back 3 years and she could still not digest her loss. Yet again she was left with a “hollow space” in her heart and thoughts.

Hollow Space.

Hollow Space

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