The Mysterious Temple Up in the Clouds

It all started with the story of a mystery temple 1620ms above sea level and a lake full of snakes .The vehicle took us till where it could go and after that too there was 7 kms left .We had to walk from there .After a 4 hours trek that’s what you could only do “Sit,Breathe & Enjoy the view “. This place kottabetta is one of those spiritual ones.. There were times when my partner said “ this is just a damn hill and there’s no temple or such on top . Let’s go back “. After walking uphill for hours and you hear your partner say this, someone might have returned back . But I just ran up , away from that creep asking me to return .😃.as the hills steepened the paths became narrow and the surroundings more thick and lush green , however a small trail was there to light me with hope . Sounds of snakes and insects began increasing , fluttering wings can be heard too. When things got tough , i should admit i was a bit scared and ran back, but that’s like losing to yourself and Yeah it took time to gather some courage and run back . There might be a temple , or else no one would put rubbish stories about it on the internet . I just ran,ran and ran .And there i stand in front of some gate, just two pillars laid sometime in the past . Yup that’s it that was the biggest moment of that day , knowing that you were right . It was more like proving yourself and fighting the demons within. And the gates led to an open area and there stood this awesome temple in the background . It was centuries old and the place was so much full of spirit . The tiredness of the trek no longer matters when the temple comes in view .Yup there was a lake but no snakes , the place was psych , there was no one around and there were trails of big snakes too . It was a little horrific but it was fun too. Giving up isn’t always the solution.:) live freely live fully . TC.

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