This PORSCHE CAYMAN 718 S no plate costs more than a Toyota Fortuner.

Hello readers  how are you all? Some day before I posted a awareness article on smoking while driving.i am so glad all of you like it.

So today I’m back with some interesting  article for you.

Yes,recently as in news,some people spotted a Porsche CAYMAN 718 S and after some talk with the owner they discovered that the no plate is more costlier than a Toyota Fortuner.

The owner is from Kerala  and  his name is K.S balagopal.he recently won the no plate ‘KL-01-CK-1’  in a bidding and decided to use it on its car Porsche which was few weeks old.

The bidding started from  rs 500 and he won it at rs 30.12 LAKHS.

He is very fancy about these no plates and the no plates costs more than a new Fortuner or endeavour.

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