Top 10 Places In Singapore.

Singapore always makes me happy. This country has every beauty in this world and it becomes brighter every day. So, today I thought to write about this beautiful city. the city which attracts millions of people every year. The city which is a honeymoon destination, the city which gives more happiness and reason to smile. So, we are going to list down the Top 10 Places in Singapore which will stun you. But before we go through the list, let us know some trivia of Singapore.


Here is the list of top 10 places in Singapore.


Top 10 Places in Singapore.


       1.The Gardens By The Bay


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The beauty lies in the Gardens by the Bay. It is spread over an area of about 250 acres. The whole garden looks like a paradise and is full of beauty and excitement. It is situated near the Marina Reservoir and hence in front, there are only waters. Gardens by the Bay is an effort made by Singapore Government to make Singapore more beautiful. The intention was also to transform the city of gardens into the city in a garden.

The three sections of Gardens by the Bay are:-

  • First is Bay Central Garden
  • Bay South Garden
  • Bay East Garden

There are various themes which contain various types of tropical forests, the flowers and many more. The supertrees (80 to 160 feet) are the main attraction of this garden and adds the zenith of the beauty to Gardens by the Bay. The skywalk like feel it will give to you. These walkways are connected to every supertree and one can easily go through each and every supertrees. The beauty enhances in the night when the supertrees are illuminated and blushes the beauty of Singapore.


       2.The Singapore Flyer



The flyer at 165 Metres is supposed to be the world’s largest observation wheel outside of the United States.

This flyer will give you lots of goosebumps. After entering into a safe glass capsule, the wheel starts moving slowly. After gaining some height, a panoramic view of Singapore including the iconic sights of the Merlion, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Sands etc. comes in front of you.
The 30 minutes of the ride will give you the lifetime experience. There are snacks and foods services available so that one can eat something while enjoying a 360-degree view of Singapore etc..


        3.Merlion Park



This list of Top 10 Places in Singapore will remain incomplete if I will not be mentioning the beautiful Merlion. The Merlion is a mythical creature ( also signifies the history of Singapore) with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. This became the main landmark of Singapore over the years. Situated near the river, it becomes more beautiful during the sunset. You can enjoy it by going on to a boat. The sight of the Merlion spewing water majestically against the Singapore skyline is indeed a sight to behold.


       4.Botanic Gardens



This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Covering almost over 82-hectare, it contains about 1,200 species of Orchids and about 2,000 hybrids.

The history of this garden also intrigued me. The Botanic Garden was established in the year 1859 and has ever since been the home for the finest Flora.  One of the main attractions at the Botanic Gardens was the VIP Orchid Gardens which has the finest hybrid Orchids named after visiting heads of state, celebrities, and other dignitaries. There are Orchids named after Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher and many others.


      5.Jurong Bird Park



The Jurong Bird Park is a giant. Almost covering over 50 acres of land.

Jurong Bird Park is known for:-

  • Jurong Bird Park consists of over 5,000 birds
  • Has 400 species
  • One of the best bird zoo in the World
  • Birdlife from across the world can be seen in Jurong Bird Park
  • Consists Flamingoes, Penguins in specially climate-controlled chambers
  • Organizes a number of birds show


        6.Singapore Zoo



The Zoo is a popular attraction that draws more than 1.7 million visitors annually and that is why it is in the list of Top 10 Places in Singapore.

Spread over 69 acres of land, the Singapore zoo contains 315 species of animals. There is a service of night safari also. The night safari will give you goosebumps and a chance to get excited and feel the joy of spotting wildlife in the dead of night. Singapore is full of natural beauty and the Singapore zoo is the best example. This is just beautiful and a treat for the adventure lover.


         7.Little India



If you want to live the culture of India, then here comes Little India in the list of Top 10 places in Singapore.

Here you will witness and will enjoy the vibrant and ethnic culture of India in the historic area of Singapore that pulsates with the colors and diversity of Indian culture. Little India makes you fall in love with its melange of temples, mosques, churches and Indian food options along with shopping.


         8.Universal Studio



If you are a fan of Hollywood movies and all, then you must visit this studio. The place to bring to life all your Silver Screen memories. There are seven zones of the Universal Studio, namely, Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

It will give you a lifetime experience and memories which you will never forget until you breathe this life. This place is just out of this world and reflects the beauty of Hollywood films and the filmmaking.


         9.Sentosa Island



It is a man-made island in the southern end of Singapore.

The Sentosa island has the following attractions:-

  • Tranquil beaches
  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Eating
  • Shopping


         10.China Town



China Town is a paradise of Chinese history, culture and modern cafes and stores. This place is like the heaven for Chinese food lovers and also the artifact and clothing lovers. Everything looks so beautiful. From the decoration, clothes, the cafes and all. So go and just enjoy the beautiful culture of China in Singapore.


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