Ways to Reduce Stress.

The modern age, with its many gadgets, which make our life easier, has also brought many kinds of tensions, stress and unnecessary worries. Actually, there are so many ways to keep the stress at bay, but instead of trying to find them out we always focus on the problems.  Then how to keep yourself happy and stressfree? Here are some suggestions.

1- Choose friends carefully- My firm belief is everyone should have true friends, not best friends. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. The friend who supports you, who encourages you, and scolds you when you do something wrong, are true friends. Friends should inspire you not to drain you. They are a great stress-buster as they reaffirm that we are not alone.

2- Maintain a Sense of Humour- Learn to laugh with people not at people. Every situation has its own significance. Learn to make light of any stressful situation. Learn to laugh at yourself. Laughing at oneself can release potential stress from the inside.

3- Accept what we cannot change- Set small achievable goals. Make choices that are realistic. Maturity is to accept the things or situation on which we don’t have control.

4- Create an environment that reduces stress- ‘Happiness is a state of mind’.  A sense of well-being should come from within. Cultivate a hobby, spend time with loved ones, do the things you enjoy the most, all these are stress-busters. Think only positive thoughts. There should not be a place for negativity at all.

5- Stop and Look at Yourself- Take time to recognize the factors which make you stressful. Negative emotions like anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, are also reasons for stress. Inculcate good habits. Stress is an inevitable part of life. It’s more important how do you cope with it. Proper diet with lots of vegetables, nuts, fresh fruits, some kind of physical exercises,  yoga, meditation and, proper sleep is a must o reduce stress.

6- Make your own decisions- Right or wrong, take important decisions of your life yourself. If the decisions are wrong have the guts to accept the mistakes and try to improve. Taking a decision is very crucial in life. Instead of dilly-dallying OR procrastinating, take some wise decisions in life and ACT on them.

7-Don’t be a ‘Yes’ man-  Telling yes to everyone and everything gives you stress and you lose your happiness. Learn to say No. Politely but firmly. Taking too many things results in loss of control and gives you stress.

8- Be organized- Learn to plan every detail of your work, whether personal or professional. Organizing things makes you more disciplined and this will definitely reduce your stress.

9-Leave time for the unexpected- Look for the natural abilities to cope for unexpected situations. Have the courage to face any bad or unwanted situation.

10- Use stress as a teacher- Life cannot be smooth always. Learn how to cope with stress instead of wallowing in self-pity. There a solution to every problem. Instead of focusing on problems focus on solutions.

To be happy is everyone’s birthright. Learn to be happy by following a simple but meaningful life.

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