What is gratitude and what is its role in life?

There is no one meaning of gratitude. It has different meanings with different means in our day to day life.

Being thankful for something is the most common way of expressing gratitude. Acknowledgment, grace, gratefulness, praise, recognition is all synonym of gratitude. Practicing gratitude is one of the very good things to do and everyone must be grateful for the things they have achieved.

          Gratitude builds your relationship

Saying just thank you and appreciating things can make your relationships stronger. It can lead to new bonds and make your existing bonds stronger. Thanking an acquaintance makes them more likely to be your friends.

          Important for your psychological health

Gratitude reduces toxicity, frustration, envy, etc from your day to day life. It increases mental peace and happiness which is very important for your psychological health.

          Important to build self- esteem

When you start being grateful for the things you have you stop comparing yourself from others. This is the point where your self-esteem grows. Grateful people have good self-esteem and accomplishments.

          Improvement in physical health

Gratefulness increases the positivity around. Their body is more relaxed and in comfort. Such people do not feel so much pain and stress. Such people also pay good attention to their health.

          Reduces aggression

Gratefulness brings a manner in an individual. They are calm and composed and do not have feeling of revenge.

          Better sleep

Gratefulness brings peace which brings good sleep. It is very important for your heart and body to have a good sleep. Right before sleeping just spend a few minutes thanking everything you have and trust me you will sleep better.


 I have started practicing gratitude before sleeping and right after I wake up. I can feel the positivity around and the aura makes me more positive. The more grateful we are the more doors are open for us. It is us who need to choose the right path.

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