What is the difference between Hard Disk and SSD?

Many people do not know the difference between Hard disk and SSD. Many people only know about Hard Disk Drive and SSD is completely ignored. But you need to know the difference between the HDD and the SSD. Let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of HDD and SSD. Is there a difference between Hard disk and SSD? Both HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) are used mostly for data storage. 

Difference between Hard disk and SSD

It means applications from your computer and various operating systems are stored on the hard disk drive. Mechanical parts are used in HDD (Hard Disk Drive). In simple words, HDD also has a rotating disc. Often you can hear the sound of the HDD. Whereas a different technology is used in SSD (Solid State Drive). SSD uses Flash Memory. There are no mechanical parts in SSD. Instead, there are some electronics parts on a PCB board. 

What’s so special about SSD? The feature of SSD is that its speed works much faster than the HDD. For example, if you have to wait one or two minutes for your PC to start, then using SSD will start in just a few seconds. You can also see the performance of major software such as Photoshop, Video Editing etc. You will also notice the difference between HDD and SSD when using a laptop.

When the file transfer speed is viewed, the speed of copying HDD file is 50 to 100 MB/sec and the speed of SSD is 200 to 500 MB/sec.  Since the HDD has mechanical moving parts, the vibration and the sound are coming many times, but SSD does not have any moving parts, so it works very quietly.  If the computer is damaged, then the HDD is also likely to be damaged even if SSD is completely safe. 


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